The Timbertop family are one of the original Sylvanian Families range. First launched in Japan and then later in the UK in 1987. This bear family consisted of Grandparents, Parents, Older Children, Younger Children and Babies upon launch.

Over the years the Timbertop family have been re-released numerous times, were included in various sets and have received additional/extended family members along the way.

An Early Years edition of the family were released in 1997. Taylor and Rose Timbertop were smaller in size, depicting them in the early days of their marriage. They came with a baby Ivy Timbertop.

Appearance Edit

All members of the family are dark brown with strong features and quite large when compared to other families. The Timbertop's in the original Sylvanian Families range had flat hands and the older siblings, Bud and Daisy, had non poseable arms.

Later releases of the family saw the introduction of the more common grasping hands, while Bud and Daisy also gained moveable arms.

Members Edit

UK Versions Edit

The Timbertop's were one of the first families released in the UK back in 1987. Originally the Timbertop's and Evergreen's where the only families with older children in the UK until the late 2000s saw the release of various Celebration Sets.

Bud and Daisy Timbertop were originally released with non-poseable limbs, which was changed to moving limbs in later additions.

US Versions Edit

The Timbertop family was released in the US in 1985 after the Japanese gaming company Epoch distributed worldwide to a number of companies.

JP Versions Edit

The Timbertop's launched in Japan on 20th March, 1985. They were one of the first families ever released.

Trivia Edit

  • In a story featured in the Sylvanian Families 1988 Annual, Taylor Timbertop is teaching 'sums' or maths to the children.
  • In a pictures shown in the Sylvanian Families 1988 Annual, Taylor Timbertop could be seen as suffering from a drink problem.

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