Our RulesEdit

  1. Use appropriate language and manners. Sylvanian Families is a children's toy, and this wiki and its content should be playful, fun, and suitable for any audience.
  2. Everyone is invited to edit, but make sure that your edits are factual and informative.
  3. The Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters Wiki is a place for change. Sometimes, your edits by be edited by someone else. Please, do not get upset and instead trust that we are each trying to make for a better wiki.
  4. Be careful with copyrights.
    • Articles that are copied-and-pasted from other sources will be deleted.
    • The "licensing" option must be used for all photographed. Photographs without proper licensing comment will be deleted.
  5. Try to use the best grammar and writing that you can. Do not use abbreviations, shorthand, or text messaging symbols. We want our wiki to be fun but professional.

Marked for Deletion Edit