Andromeda and Hollie's Tea PartyEdit

Area: North America

Distributor: International Playthings

Item Number: CC1954


Animal: Bear, Rabbit


The Petite bears use the newer and smaller bear mold. They have light tan flocking with lighter tan waterdrop-shaped muzzles, chocolate brown noses, and honey-brown round cottonball tails. Their inner ears have the same lighter tan flocking as the muzzles.

The Wildwood rabbits have dark brown flocking and matching round cottonball tails. Their flocking maintains this dark brown, and they have no highlighting in or around the ears or muzzles.


Name: Andromeda Petite


The package included no biography.


Andromeda wears a bright yellow dress with a pink five-petaled and green stemmed floral print. Her dress is trimmed at the waist with white lace and a white bead. It has pale pink straps that meet at the center of the dress and tie at the neck.


Name: Hollie Wildwood


The package included no biography.


Hollie wears a red dress with white dots that is trimmed at the botton with white lace. Her dress has two white beads at the bottom of the two pale pink shoulder straps that tie at the neck.


This sets includes two straw hats, a blanket, a teapot, two plates, two cups, a sugar bowl, a creamer, two doughnuts, and storybook. The teapot, plates, and cups are white with a blue rabbit and flower design.

Additional Information and LinksEdit

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