Marmalade Bear FamilyEdit

Area: North America

Distributor: International Playthings

Item Number: CC1503


Animal: Bear


The Marmalade bears use the newer and smaller bear mold. They have chocolate brown flocking with tan waterdrop-shaped muzzles, chocolate brown noses, and tan round cottonball tails. Their inner ears maintain a chocolate brown color and are not highlighted.


Name: Maurice Marmalade


Maurice Marmalade is the community's most noted historian. He loves to write about the history of Cloverleaf Corners and can often be found in the Community Library thumbing through large volumes of books. In his spare time, he loves to polish his large collection of antiques.


Maurice wears white trousers, and a blue and white striped shirt with a two-buttoned blue vest and pink bow tie.


Name: Margot Marmalade


Margot Marmalade also spends a lot of time in the Community Library for she is the librarian there. Margot is known in Cloverleaf Corners for keeping a very quiet library. A simple "Shhh!" and one can hear a pin drop.


Margot wears a pink and white vertically striped dress with an attached white apron and white lace shawl.


Name: Oscar Marmalade


Oscar Marmalade loves to pull practical jokes on his many friends. Most find it hard to get mad at him when he delivers his charming smile. An exception, of course, is his mother who gives him a hearty scowl when she discovers him reading a book of jokes tucked inside his literature homework.


Oscar wears white trousers, and a blue jacket with a white collar and white bow.


Name: Jenna Marmalade


Jenna Marmalade's biggest dream is to become a world traveler. She loves to read about lands afar and plans on visiting each and every one of them. She collects postcards from all over the world and often finds new and exciting ones when she accompanies her father on his visits to the antique store.


Jenna wears a pink dress with small white dots and an attached white apron. She wears a pink bonnet with small white dots and a lace trim.


No other accessories where included with this set.

Additional Information and LinksEdit

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